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What To Do When You Get Locked Out

It happens – a moment of forgetfulness and those keys you so desperately need are on the inside, you’re on the outside, and the door between you is locked. We’ve all been there. And guess what? We’ve all managed to get back inside at some point – no one has been left homeless due to a lost key, and that’s the first thing to remember. Secondly, don’t panic. There are ways to sort this problem out.

What To Do When You Get Locked OutSo, is there anyone you can contact who can help? Anyone who has a spare key and who would be able to come to your aid, such as a friend or family member? What about your landlord, lettings agent, or estate agent? Leaving a key with a neighbour is always a good idea (assuming you get on) for situations just like this, and you can return the favour.

If no one can save you with a spare key, check the doors and windows around the house. Has anything been left unlocked? Probably not if you’ve been out for the day and only just realised your keys are elsewhere (they get lost so easily), but if you just stepped outside to pick up the milk or a newspaper, for example, and the door slammed shut behind you, a ground floor window or the back door may well allow you access. It’s worth checking.

Got a credit card? Membership card? Any sort of card will do. Seen a movie where the hero gains access to wherever he needs to be by slipping that card into the door and jiggling it about? Right. It looks easy, but actually there is a skill to it, and we only advocate doing this trick if you definitely, absolutely know how to pull it off. If not, you could have a snapped credit card and a damaged lock to contend with. Oh, and if you can get into your house using just a bit of plastic, it’s worth getting your locks changed anyway – your house is not secure.

If none of the above has worked, it’s time to get really serious. Like break a window serious. Be careful – don’t slam your first through the glass (use a branch or a rock) and make sure you cover your eyes. Pick a window that will give you access to your keys, or the lock. And be careful – not only will you have a broken window which is very expensive to fix, but you’ll also have glass all over your floor. Ouch!

The thing we ultimately recommend, however, when you find yourself locked out is to call a locksmith. Picking a Colchester locksmith is quicker, cheaper, and easier than pretty much anything we’ve suggested above; it gets the job done and gets you inside with no fuss.

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What To Do When You Get Locked Out
What To Do When You Get Locked Out
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