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How To Secure Your Home

If our home is our castle, then it must have some precious jewels inside it; things that are irreplaceable should anything happen to them. It doesn’t have to be jewellery, it could be anything that means something. It could be something you had to save up for before you could buy it, or a gift that means a lot to you. Not only that, but our homes themselves are special things – our home is where we are meant to feel safest, and most secure. So we need to make sure that not only are our possessions safe, but so it the building that surrounds them.

Being burgled takes a lot away, and it’s not just the physical items; it’s the trust and comfort of the home itself.

Taking just a few precautions will mean that your home is safer than ever, and you can leave it feeling sure that when you return everything will be as it should. Locksmiths in Colchester will tell you how many homes they have to visit as a result of them having been broken into, and then having to have the locks changed. It’s a lot. Don’t be one of them.

Secure Your HomeCheck your locks; are they strong ones? Will they last? Could they withstand the force of someone who was determined to get inside the house? If you’re not sure what kind of locks you have, speak to a local locksmith who will be able to check them out for you, and recommend better ones if need be. And remember that those locks are there for a reason; make sure everything is locked and secured before you leave the house – that even includes when you’re in the garden. Burglaries have been known to occur when an opportunistic thief has heard a barbecue happening so everyone is out of the house, and discovered that the front door is unlocked…

When you’re at home, don’t leave keys in plain sight, and don’t leave them close to the door – hooks can be used to steal keys through the letterbox.

Installing a burglar alarm and security lighting is a great idea – these work as a deterrent, but will also alert you (and the police if you buy a system that automatically calls them) that something is wrong. Make sure the lighting and the alarm are visible from the road so that any would-be thief will have to think twice about trying your house.

If you’re going on holiday it’s a good idea to ask a neighbour to keep any eye on the house – or get a house sitter if you can. Just someone popping in to turn the lights on and pull the curtains is better than nothing. Or you could invest in a timer which will make it looks as though someone is at home.

So the house itself is secure, but what about the garden? How sturdy are your fences? Could someone climb over, steal bikes or other equipment, and then unlock your back gate (assuming it’s locked in the first place) before strolling away? If you can’t fix the fence, make sure anything valuable is secured to something immoveable, to keep it safe just in case. Or could they get into the house through the back door? It’s often forgotten, but is just as important as the front one.

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